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We import Organic products from Cambodia and then we send our profits back to Fight Sexual Violence and Trafficking. We also get involved tin special programs like the Siem Reap food bank and other Social Causes. We have been the first company to develop an in-car waterless Organic Essential Oil Diffuser. You can make your car smell like magic instead af the chemical ones you buy at your local auto store. These are very popular with car detailers and New car Sales people. We have essential oils, Organic Mosquito Repellent our Top Seller You will not turn back once you have tried our solution to mosquitos, we supply to many overseas countries and ofcourse Australia.. In car waterless diffusers. Scent Marketing from small shop to Large scale properties. We can also customise products for your business. We have a fast turn around in being able to tailor a scent that suits your business and you own that scent we create for you. Our large range of Organic products is growing all the time. We have just introduced a fully Organic line of Dog wash products so you can Pamper your Pooch and have them feeling happy and smelling beautiful it also guards against fleas and ticks. Real Estate agents love our small in home waterless diffusers as they use them for open houses to quickly create a mood in different rooms with scent marketing just call us to tailor a package for you.

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