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Why choose Fruits of Strathmore?

Fruits of Strathmore is part of our plan for world domination. No, it's not. Really. After careers in technology and non-profit management, we decided when we retired to the lovely rolling hills of South Gippsland, (some say we were mad, we sometimes veer that way too..), we needed to be busy and to make things from the abundance of fruits, trees and berries on the small 25-acre farm we inherited from Strathmore's previous owners; who had themselves nurtured the place for some 35 years. Preserving all this annual abundance was the obvious thing to do. Today, we offer seasonal, farm-made and largely farm-grown, delicious preserves across the entire spectrum of chutneys, jams, jellies, pastes, cordials and sauces. We say largely farm-grown because, with our growth, we have also had to establish a network of friends and farmers around us who are trusted suppliers when the demand way exceeds our own supply. We are also customer-driven, as the marketers say, with some of our best customers bringing us suggestions for new products, which we investigate and develop, when we can see the linkage to our own ability to produce on the farm. We are also active in attending and supporting our local fresh food and farmer's markets and regularly travel to festivals around Melbourne and Victoria, spreading the Fruits of Strathmore brand and getting us out and about - which is a wonderful part of running this business. The people we meet are fantastic and a tonic for the soul. So are our retail stockists who support us with regular orders and feedback about that they need. So please, connect with us and let us show you who were are and what we make. We look forward to serving you!

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