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Gut Instinct Kombucha was born out of a passion for leading a happy, healthy life and the desire to share this passion with as many people as possible. After feeling and seeing the benefits of fermented foods and beverages, Gut Instinct's founder, Tom, was obsessed with making this a huge part of his own life, along with sharing amazing products with the world. After countless tests in all manner of jars and bottles, along with endless cultures and SCOBY's, Gut Instinct was born. GUT INSTINCT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT BEING GENUINE Starting out using our very own organic passionfruit, limes and ginger grown in our back garden on the beautiful far north coast of NSW, Gut Instinct Kombucha has always been traditionally long-age fermented create the most amazing product possible! THAT'S WHERE THE DIFFERENCE LIES! We are not a glorified soft drink using a “kombucha concentrate, but an authentic, traditional kombucha using real, organic ingredients to create a beverage that forms an integral part of a parabiotic lifestyle. Check out our brews on our website or at a retailer near you!

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