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Twenty nine years in the Manuka Honey business, Manuka International has developed succesfull brands including Bee Products Manuka Honey, largest seklling Manuka Honey in Austarlia, CResults manuka honey skincare and Manuka Clinic. Honey Bee Secrets only sell certifed Bee Products, New Zealand Manuka honey and Manuka Honey skin care. All our products our owned and manufactured in Austarlia. Our unique formulas are an amazing breakthrough in skin care, using pure ingredients and utilizing all the proven benefits of genuine Manuka Honey. Manuka honey is an active ingredient that has the ability to analyse the skin's condition and deliver results every time you use it. We have had clients that have travelled world wide and been able to keep using our products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week delivering a healthy more radiant skin. These rich hydrating ingredients help combat the premature signs of ageing, creating a balanced environment, for all skin types, male and female of all ages, aiding the skin's natural instinct to repair. Check out our skin care range for skin disorders, acne excoriee, acne rosecea and acne, plus our new animal dermal cream. We use certifed active, manuka honey and identfy with the regulations and certifcation of active Manuka honey our produce deliver the most effective, safe and natural outcomes.

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