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1 Christine ave Eltham

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Splash Shampoo and conditioner Bars are hand made in Melbourne using 100 % Plant based Salon Grade ingredients that leave the hair looking and feeling amazing . There's a Splash shampoo and conditioner bar for all hair types and each bar lasts up to 65 washes , with no wasted plastic bottle at the end of use . Konjac Sponges are 100 % vegetable facial and body cleansing sponges that naturally carry all the vitamins and minerals your skin loves . This means no need for cleansers, toners, exfoliatiors acne washes etc etc . The Konjac sponges balances your skin and cleanses pores gently and naturally . Your konjac sponge will last 4-6 months before it will slowly disintegrate , at which point you can sit it in your favourite potplant or pop it into your compost bin where it becomes fully biodegradable . Splash&Ko is another leading edge brand brought to you by Salt of The Earth Enterprises P/L

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