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We have created The Perfume Experience Class to guide our clients in creating their own personalised, one-of-a-kind set of fragrances. In this three to four hour workshop, clients design two special scents from a wide spectrum of choices; from fruity, flowery, woody to every other aroma in between. Enjoy bubbles and a snack platter as you create at our serene Mount Martha studio. We are also a niche artisanal perfumery creating exclusive aromatic products. Our unique products are handmade the traditional way; using only the olfactory sense. This means that each scent we design goes through a creative process involving careful research into specific aromas, mixing and matching until the creative balance is perfect . . . using only the nose to guide our decisions. We are one of about 250 artisan perfumers in the world — for perspective, there are more astronauts than perfumers.

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